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Tips for volunteers - New Elder Helpers Checklist

  • Make your tax deductible contribution to help build and sustain Make your donation via our Become a VIP Volunteer page: Become a VIP Volunteer, or mail it to Elder Helpers, P.O. Box 4651 - Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Remember that you are donating your time to the elders and not to us; we really need your financial support to keep this service going. We do not rely on government grants but on the generosity of users like you. Please do your part to help us with technology, administrative, compliance, advertising, insurance and legal costs. Volunteers are not required to donate to volunteer but donations from volunteers are necessary to the survival of Elder Helpers, please do your part to make sure that stays available to elders and volunteers desiring to help elders: donate online now via our Become a VIP Volunteer page: Become a VIP Volunteer.
  • Profiles with a picture always get more attention, if you didn't upload a picture at sign up, you really should take care of this as soon as you can so that you increase your chances to get a volunteer opportunity. To do that, click on Update your profile and availability, choose the picture that you want to upload, and save. In your mini biography, explain your background briefly, discuss your hobbies and your motivations for becoming an elder helper. Show some enthusiasm and you will get contacted!
  • Get your background checked by our trusted provider: IntelliCorp. A clean background check will increase the desire of people in need of help to trust you. Proven clean criminal and driving records are the perfect complement to a friendly profile picture and a thoughtful mini-biography. To avoid extra administrative costs, we only accept background checks processed through our portal. In order to start the background check process, you will need to use the password "elderhelpers". IntelliCorp (and not Elder Helpers) handles your social security number and payment information for the purpose of running your background check. For more information about IntelliCorp, please visit their website.
  • Let the world know that you are available to help! Print out flyers and post them wherever you can! (see list of locations on the right) You can also write your name on the flyers if you would like people to look specifically for you on the website. We appreciate you getting your tacs and rolls of tape out, and going all out on community boards! Don't be shy, that's what community boards are for! If two weeks went by since you signed up for the program and you haven't received at least one phone call, it simply means that there are not enough flyers posted in your area. You need to get the word out in order to get a volunteer opportunity. Posting flyers to bulletin boards is fun! You get to meet people in your community while telling them proudly about your desire to help elders. This step is really really really necessary to the success of the program!
  • Be kind and gentle, in any situation. It's better to say no than to get frustrated by requests that you might judge as unreasonable. Only offer what time and energy you can spare. When you agree to help someone, smile as much as you can, just to show that you want to be there helping and that it is no problem at all. This will make the person feel really good.
  • Never ask for money. The reputation of the Elder Helpers program depends on your honesty and good will. Volunteers are not allowed to collect money, not even donations for the Elder Helpers program. Instead, we encourage you to let the people know about our donation page, and that the best way to give is monthly. You will help us sustain and develop the Elder Helpers program.