Testimonials of People Being Helped

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  • Thanks for your help! by Diane

    I was able to find a volunteer to help my mum, I am glad that this site exist and that lots of people are volunteering to help people like me.

  • Kudos! by Michele Potter

    Kudos to everyone there that make this service possible. It gives me great comfort to know my parents are getting some help from a very nice young man who my mom says is great and a big help to her and my dad. Keep up the great work!

  • Help with my garden by Marcy Garcia

    Every time I needed to find someone to help me with some light tasks around the house and the garden I wanted to cry because I felt alone and helpless. Finally I found this site and some wonderful volunteers to come over and help me with the garden. I spoil them with my apple pies!

  • Really cool by Mike Davis

    I live in a rural area in Missouri and I was surprised that someone was actually available within 10 miles of my zipcode. Thanks Elder Helpers!

  • Thanks edlerhelpers.org by Michael Wright

    Super! thanks for your help I was able to find someone to visit my mum in Kentucky.

  • Helping my mother by Frank Davis

    Thanks elderhelpers.org for helping me find someone to help my mother.

  • Awesome program by Jennifer

    I've been looking everywhere for something like this and I couldn't believe it when I actually found it. I dreamt of it, Elder Helpers did it!

  • Thank you for your organization by John

    I was able to get in touch with someone through your site and we are planning on meeting this week. Thank you for your organization.

  • Wonderful angel who helped me tremendously by Kim

    I was so lucky to find Elder Helpers on the web ... and even luckier that Laura decided to help me get organized. I was hit by a car in January and couldn't do much in my apt for several months so things really got messy here ... but this Angel of a person came and rescued me. I am so lucky and grateful to have met her and to have received her generous help.

  • I'm too far from my dad by Jim Walker

    My dad is alone on the west coast and my work is on the east coast. I try to fly there as often as I can but I can only do so much. Thanks to this website I was able to connect with Maria and she has been wonderful to my dad for over 6 months now.

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