Information on Medicare (Part 1): Finding Medical Help for Seniors

There are many ways that information about Medicare coverage can be obtained online, several are fraudulent or unreliable. We only use information from government websites and simplify it to help you find reliable resources for seniors. In this post, we will only be using information from the government website and putting it in an easy to understand and simplified manner for you.

First, it is important to understand if the elder in need of assistance is eligible for Medicare coverage by the United States government, click this link to use their simple tool that asks questions to check for eligibility of elder care coverage. If the senior is eligible, there are four types of Medicare benefits that help you to afford care for the elder.

Part A (Hospital Insurance): This coverage helps to alleviate expenses associates with hospitals. This can include hospices, inpatient care and skilled nursing facilities in assisted living facilities.

Part B (Medical Insurance): Coverage of this type would cover more general and everyday medial expenses that cover care for seniors like outpatient doctors visits, medical equipment and home health services.

Part C (Medicare Advantage): Medicare coverage of this type includes hospital insurance; medical insurance and many also include prescriptions drug insurance. Some Medicare advantage programs also include additional coverage for eye exams, dental/hearing checkups and general wellness.

Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage): All seniors in need of help that are covered by Medicare are eligible for prescription drug coverage that helps to cover the cost of certain prescription drugs. The specific coverage depends on the type of medication.

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