Elder Helpers’ Standard for Volunteers: The Code for Caregivers

Care about your important volunteer position in order to provide the best help possible. The more that you care about helping the elderly, the more emotionally rewarding and meaningful the experience will be. Demonstrating that you are concerned about providing help for the elderly will show them that they are respected and valued.

Compassion in actions through understanding. The elderly sometimes have difficulty communicating or mobility restraints and it is important to not get frustrated. Remember that it is not their fault; it is just part of the aging process. By reading the Caregivers Guide to Compassion, you can understand what the elderly may be experiencing to provide the best experience for you and them.

Trust must be established with every relationship from the beginning. It should grow and strengthen with time. It is the foundation to all great relationships, your building blocks to success. By maintaining integrity with the elder, you can gain their gratitude and the satisfaction of helping others.

Reliability demonstrated in the relationship by arriving at a previously agreed upon time and consistently. The elderly can become accustomed to a daily routine and interrupting it can cause stress and anxiety. Being reliable in this context means keeping your promises, mainly with scheduling. While your visits may not be the most important activity on your agenda for you, it may be for the elder.

Respect of the beliefs held and lifestyle lived by the elder that you care for.  Our organization operates around the world, honoring all backgrounds and we expect volunteers to do the same. This is for the best interest of you and the elder.  Achieving this may mean some personal subjects like religion; political beliefs or finances are better left unmentioned.

Genuine companionship and care should be provided for the elderly. We believe that this is possible by not accepting money for yourself or our organization. You are very smart because as a volunteer, you understand that there are more satisfying rewards when you provide authentic compassion.

Safety should be practiced and not dismissed when volunteering for the elderly. This may include taking preparation before engaging in athletic activities, sustaining a healthy diet or ensuring that the home is free of potential hazards.

Honesty should remain among the most important factors in your relationship. It is the quality that binds the code together, allowing the relationship to flourish and your care to be the best available. There are no exceptions to not being honest or compromises for integrity.

Friendship will develop over time when the ethical code is practiced. You may not need to take special measures, just be yourself and the relationship will prosper. This is a result of your compassionate care and companionship over time.

Aging & cognitive abilities


Aging is a natural process and with it come changes in memory. Most people associate aging with declines and cognitive performance, but not all cognitive changes in adulthood are negative, some abilities remain relatively stable and some even improve.


To see the video, click here: Aging & cognitive abilities


Technology that can Help the Elderly

While a lot of technology can simplify seniors’ lives, it can also be intimidating to adopt for people growing up without the same technological innovations that we value today. Some technology gadgets for seniors are particularly popular such as:

Tablet PCs: Many technology companies like Microsoft, Apple and now Google have tablets out that have applications that seniors can enjoy like games, free limited newspaper access, internet surfing and videos.

E Readers: If the elder enjoys reading, but has difficulty seeing the text because of vision problems, E Readers are perfect for them. Some E Readers are designed for simplicity and have the ability to make the text any size so that vision is no longer a problem.

Wii: Video games systems like the Nintendo Wii give seniors the capability of enjoying the same sports that they did when it was safer for them to. The senior and their helper may enjoy activities like yoga, golf, tennis and bowling.

Cell Phones: For older seniors that still prefer the traditional land line telephone, think simple. There are many smartphones out that are unnecessarily complicated and can frustrate seniors when attempting to use them. Pay as you go phones are usually very simple, older models can be easier to use than the newer models.

It does not take very much training to use these devices; today’s technologically savvy youth may be able to give the seniors a thorough overview over any of these electronics.  If you would like to find a volunteer to help seniors to use these devices, search for volunteers in your area and sign up.

Tips for Contacting Volunteers with Elder Helpers

Our non-profit organization connects the elderly with people desiring to help them. At this time, the people seeking assistance using the Elder Helpers service are required to contact volunteers by phone. We believe that this is the best method, because it is very personal, but sometimes those calling can have a difficult time finding what to say.

In this post, we will present tips for you to follow so that you can contact the caregiver that work best for you. We want you to not only be satisfied with finding the best volunteer for you, but also be happy when you are being helped by them. Follow these three simple and easy tips to make a smooth transition into the perfect volunteer – elder relationship:

It is very important to stay relaxed and friendly. When we speak with others, our own emotions tend to be reflected in the person we are speaking with. They react to how we are behaving around them, so just be calm and be yourself like you are calling a distant friend.

Do not get discouraged when contacting caregivers  if you do not get an immediate response, give them a few days. Because volunteers are contacted by phone, some people are not available at all times, may have disconnected phone numbers or other issues. We strive to maintain an accurate volunteer database for subscribers.

Remember that our volunteers are safe and have background screenings. They have joined our service because they truly desire to make a difference in their community. It is of the utmost importance of our organization to make  you happy, healthy and above all, safe.

Are you interested in assisting an elder near you? Click the following link to volunteer for the elderly in your community.


Top Board Games for seniors

What comes to mind when you think of board games? For many of us, it is fun and non-electronic games that we remember playing in our youth at school. Today, many board games exist that can be fun for people of all ages. We will share what we believe to be the best games for elders:

Scrabble: We are sure that you have heard of this classic game, scrabble consists of a series of small letters in the form of squares that the players can arrange to make words, in order to score points. It is fun to play on a rainy day with a good friend, or when volunteering for seniors or sharing time with a caregiver. 

Pictionary: The best thing about this game is the worse of an artist that you are, the more challenging that it can be. The friends for seniors can play without purchasing the game, by simply selecting random and well known words from the dictionary and drawing them within one minute to see if the other player can guess the object.

Charades: Because this game often goes off the table and can require extra space, some question its ‘authenticity’ as a board game. However, it is still a fun word-based game that operates like Pictionary, except you act the words instead of drawing.  Seniors should consult a medical professional before engaging in any physical activities.

Checkers: For some, checkers is a fun guessing game where the outcome is solely based on chance. For other more competitive and strategic players, it can be a game of strategy and skill. This game is enjoyable to people of all skill levels and is a timeless classic.

Backgammon: You can rest assured that the seniors knows about this classic board game as many people believe that it was invented over 5,000 years ago. The objective is very simple, move your pieces across the board determined by the roll of dice. The person that removes all of their pieces first wins.

Chess: This often seems like a profound strategy game that few people are good at , I have heard some of the most educated people that I know doubt their chess skills. That is because to be very good at the game, it requires memory and learning different ‘strategies’ like the Italian Game, the French or Sicilian Defense. It is not necessary to learn these, in fact, some find improvising the entire game more enjoyable to share with a good friend.

Card Games: How many card games do you know? There is almost never a good excuse to not learning another one. By learning new things, you can help preserve the elder’s memory and help them and yourself to feel a since of accomplishment by working together to learn something new. Learn about many different card games, by visiting this link.

Many of these board games for the elderly can be enjoyed both by seniors in need of assistance and their volunteer caregivers. They have been specifically chosen because they may help to improve memory in older adults by having to learn new things and think logically, or keeping home-bound seniors fit with Charades when providing home-care and companionship for the elderly.

Thinking Beyond Revenue, our Equation to Happiness.

There is a saying, “don’t cry over anything that cannot cry back.” It essentially means, do not place an emphasis on material possessions because they do not matter more than non-material things. Compassion, care and genuine companionship for the elderly are more rewarding than fancy cars, houses or boats. Many people believe this, while many others do not. A person’s true response to this may be best understood in critical situations. There was once a story of a sinking boat containing several very expensive jet planes. Instead of attempting to save a single multi-million dollar object, the top priority was to save the few people on board. To us, this seems like common sense. Saving the people has a reward that cannot be purchased with money, cannot be achieved through collecting a mass of fancy possessions.

There are several people in the world that would choose to save the merchandise instead. They may perceive financial gain to be superior to emotional satisfaction. We are not saying that these people are wrong or bad, just that they may be missing out on our greater rewards. When we talk about our operations with people placing an emphasis on profits with elder care services, they often do not understand our motives. Something that I have been asked is, “Why would you charge just enough money to cover expenses, when you could be making ten times this amount?”

We believe that you understand, striving to provide for the best elder care services gives us an emotional reward greater than money. While some companies strive for revenue and profits, we want to set a good example for the affordable hospices or geriatric providers of the world. We believe that money can take a higher level of satisfaction out of some things in life, which is why we strive to be the option for non-profit elder care in your community by connecting volunteers helping elders. By being affiliated with our program, it means that you understand the greater rewards, seeing past the immediate financial or material gains.

How to Help Seniors Avoid Scams: Helping Elders Stay Protected

The internet and technology revolution that seniors have seen within the past few decades has simplified life, but also opened them up to several new forms of scams. When finding help for seniors with finance, legal or general living issues, it is essential that elders stay protected to avoid falling victim to scams.

With scamming, prevention is the key to success. Steps can be taken to prevent elders from begin scammed online or offline that can be much simpler than having to resolve the consequences. As the authorities work to provide new methods to stop seniors from begin scammed, we have complied three resources for elders to help them stay safe and protected:

Be Selective about Disclosing Personal Information

Some scammers may call the senior’s home and request personal information that may be used to commit fraud. Websites or e-mails have also been known to be set up to have an appearance of a legitimate website to ‘trick’ users into entering their personal information. If necessary, ask that the senior speak to a relative or caregiver before they distribute personal information.

Assign a Power of Attorney

Seniors can request to assign a power of attorney, which enables a trusted individual like a family member or financial professional to manage their finances if they become unable. Not only does this protect the senior, but it can also keep trusted relatives with good intentions legally safe.

Order Medicare Discount Drug Cards Directly From Medicare

Discount drug cards are sold by several companies and many can help elders to save on their prescription drug costs, but the card can do more harm than good for the elderly if it is being sold by a scammer. To avoid any Medicare card scams, only order your card from Medicare directly by calling them at: 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)

Senior Nutrition: Recommended Calorie Intake

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Help Seniors to Prevent Falls

As the elderly age, they become increasingly susceptible to falling and the dangers can be much worse. With aging diseases like osteoporosis decreasing stability and others with symptoms of nausea, fatigue and a decreasing eye sight, we must be alert for potential hazards. A fall or injury that may be considered lightly to a younger adult, can be very harmful to an elder.

So what should you do to keep the elderly safe a protected? The good news is that many falls happen in the senior’s home and could have been prevented if the hazard was removed or precautions were taken. By leaning from previous faults, we can help to create a safe home environment to keep seniors healthy, happy and independent.

To help keep the senior safe, go through each one of these observations in every area of the house and ask yourself the questions. Your response could mean that there are potential hazards in the home that can be resolved, it may only take 5 minutes to be the difference between a safe home and an medical visit.

Once the steps have been taken to create safe home environment, you can also help seniors to prevent falls and stay independent by taking extra steps according to disabilities or aging diseases. Many of these steps can be done both outside the home and inside the home and could have a tremendous benefit on their health and overall wellbeing.

If a senior has osteoporosis, it may help to work on balance exercises in the home. These can be learned at the local senior center and more information can be found in the Elder Helpers’ guide to caring for seniors, the Caregivers Guide to Compassion. They can also use a cane or walking assistant in the home, many are available online or at your local retail stores.

For vision problems, speak with the senior’s eye doctor about solutions that can be taken outside the home. When the elder is at home, you can increase the lighting during the day, leave lights on at night and clear unnecessary objects from the walking paths. The specific assistance depends on the level of severity for a loss of eyesight, if it is much worse, the elder should consider also staying away from driving activities and obtaining a dog trained to help her.

There are many steps that you can take as a caregiver to help seniors to stay healthy by prevention. However, if a fall does occur and they cannot get back up without assistance, they should be able to easily call for help. If a senior owns a cellular phone, make sure that they have it on them at all times in the case of an emergency. It is important they if they need help, they have access to it and if you are not available they can call another person as a backup.

Elder Law Information: Disability Planning

This is the first post on disability planning, is first in a series on free elder law advice designed to provide you with legal counsel for the elderly. Disability planning can be a complex process and add anxiety to your life. Our organization strives to reduce the worry and enhance the lives of elders and relatives. We will be presenting simple information on what social security is, if the elder is eligible and how he or she can obtain it.

Social security exists in the United States, serving as a ‘safety net’ for the elderly, disabled and blind. The amount of money that one can receive typically increases each year and depends on if the person is single or married. As of January 2012, an individual would receive $698 in social security per month and a couple would receive $1,048 per month. Some states supplement the social security amount with additional payments; click this linkto see if this applies to that state that the elder resides in.Social security does not depend on how long or if a person has worked, so long as they meet the criteria:

  1. Be 65 or older, blind or disabled.
  2. Be a long term resident of the United States or a United States citizen.
  3. Have a monthly income below the limit determined by the elder’s state of residence.
  4. Have less than $2,000 in assets of currency, stocks and bonds.

If you meet the qualifications for social security assistance and would like to apply, you may do so by visiting your local social security administration office. Click this link to locate a branch near your zip cod