Testimonials of People Being Helped

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  • Helping my mother by Frank Davis

    Thanks elderhelpers.org for helping me find someone to help my mother.

  • Thanks edlerhelpers.org by Michael Wright

    Super! thanks for your help I was able to find someone to visit my mum in Kentucky.

  • Really cool by Mike Davis

    I live in a rural area in Missouri and I was surprised that someone was actually available within 10 miles of my zipcode. Thanks Elder Helpers!

  • Help with my garden by Marcy Garcia

    Every time I needed to find someone to help me with some light tasks around the house and the garden I wanted to cry because I felt alone and helpless. Finally I found this site and some wonderful volunteers to come over and help me with the garden. I spoil them with my apple pies!

  • Lisa by Mark Nelson

    I would like to thank Lisa and the Edler Helpers program for helping us out.

  • by Joan

    This program is the Grace that many in old years and disability need. It gives me hope that I can be connected with a human being that knows how big the smallest of acts of time and service can be. The skin of a hand, sharing company, or the opening of hearts, each reguires two being together.

  • Thank you elder helper poua by Vern & Mabel

    We have had Poua come over many times to help with our basic needs. Poua will always go above and beyond what is asked. She is always on time if not early. We have called her in a panic for last minute things and she is always willing to come over right away. Poua is mature, professional, experienced and works with all types of needs and ages. We recommend her to anyone! Thank you Elder Helper for helping us find Poua!

  • Grateful for elder helpers by Tammy

    I would very much like to express our feeling of gratitude towards the volunteer who took care of our mother while I and my husband were not at home. Debbie accompanied mom and made her forget that we are not there.

  • Thank you so much!!! by Janet Anne

    I could not find the words to say how grateful I am for your volunteer Jane. I'm the only relative of my granny that's living near her, but sometimes I get so busy with work. Thank you so much for this program!!

  • Great to find you! by Roberta

    I'm so happy we were able to find you on google and locate a wonderful young lady volunteer in Toronto to help my mum.

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